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Auckland Harbour

The Future of Auckland: Is density a dirty word?

Andrew Eagles, Pamela Bell, John Duguid, Penny Hulse, Waiata Rameka-Tupe, Pianina Kahui-McConnell, John Mauro

Why density is so important in designing and planning a sustainable future for Auckland. 

5:00pm: Networking & refreshments
5:30pm: Start
7:00pm: Finish

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Making Auckland an Age-friendly City

Sir Bob Harvey, Janet Clews, Gloria Yaping Gao, Dr Elizabeth Anne Broadbent, Megan Tyler, Glenn Wilcox

Older Aucklanders are an increasing part of the region’s population. How do we work towards making sure that older Aucklanders and those approaching that age group are respected and valued in our community?

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Shared Prosperity: Taking advantage of Auckland's economic growth

Stephanie Honey, Stephen Cheung, Tony Alexander, Nick Hill

Join us at Auckland Conversations as international economic development champion Stephen Cheung and a panel of experts discuss Auckland's priorities for shared prosperity, quality jobs for all, economic development and international business engagement.

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Future-proofing Auckland: is building a sustainable city really possible?

Dr Michelle Dickinson, Davina Rooney, John Mauro, Jacqueline Paul, Ludo Campbell-Reid

With Auckland’s population set to swell to 2 million by as early as 2029, growing demands on housing and infrastructure, and climate change exposing our city to impending natural disasters, future-proofing Auckland has become more important than eve

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Our Water Future: putting water at the centre of our city

Rereata Makiha, Andrew Chin, Ian Boothroyd, Penny Hulse, Tracy Brown

Join us at Auckland Conversations as we discuss how to change the way we think about, value and manage one of our most precious resources: water.

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Transport Planning as Freedom Planning

Jarrett Walker, Jessica Rose, Eddie Tuiavii, Ludo Campbell-Reid, Daniel Newcombe

What if we planned public transport with a goal of personal freedom? Join us at Auckland Conversations as we explore this idea with Jarrett Walker, one of the original designers of Auckland's new bus network.

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The New South? Managing Growth in Auckland

Hila Oren, Cynthia Gillespie, Quin Henderson, Andy Baker, Bill Cashmore, John Duguid

Join us at Auckland Conversations as we discuss how to manage urban growth with world leading expert city-maker, Hila Oren.

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