Transporting Us To A Cooler Future

Transporting Us To A Cooler Future

It is 2050 and Auckland's population is around 2.5 million people. A rapid and complete transformation of the transport and land-use planning system means  the way people, goods and services move around Auckland today is very different from how it was done 27 years ago. 

We do not need to use our cars as much because there are alternative ways to get around. These are easy and affordable, so we walk, cycle and take public transport more.

When we do need to use a vehicle, they are cleaner and more fuel efficient than what we had in 2023 and they are powered by renewable electricity.

We travel together with other people more often to reduce the number of individual vehicle trips taken.

Some trips are shorter than they were 27 years ago, and there are now more options for people to work online.

We have safer streets that promote independent travel for all ages and abilities and there are better health outcomes through increased levels of physical activity, improved air quality and reduced noise pollution.

At this Auckland Conversations we will explore the cooler transport future for Auckland: Why we have ended up with the transport system of today, what can be done to enable a cooler transport system for the future, and importantly how to make the changes needed to get us there.

Wednesday 20 September
5.30pm - 7.30pm 

(doors open at 5pm for networking)
Concert Chambers, Town Hall, Auckland City Centre

Arriving by bike? Roll right up to the gate for free VIP parking.
Enjoy free secure bike parking, so that you can enjoy the event worry-free.
Thank you for easing congestion, reducing emissions and freeing up space in our city!
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Tiffany Robinson

Senior Transport Planner, Arup

Tiffany is an accomplished, results-driven planner and transport specialist with more than 17 years of specialist expertise in active transportation and placemaking, in both the public and private sectors. She currently works as a Senior Transport Planner for Arup and is a committee member of Women in Urbanism Aotearoa.  Tiffany holds a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies and Public Policy from Boston University. When she's not in the office, she spends her time watching true-to-life movies or tv shows, participating in Silent Disco Citywalks or producing and hosting her own radio show on Planet FM 104.6 Well-Watered Joy.  

Dr Timothy Welch

Co-Director, Future Cities Research Hub

Dr Timothy Welch is a senior lecturer, head of the Department of Urban Planning and Co-Director of the Future Cities Research Hub in the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries at the University of Auckland. He has extensive experience in transportation, infrastructure, and urban modelling and is passionate about creating more equitable and sustainable cities. His work focuses on real-world problems and the application of research to create positive change in cities and communities.

Tim Adriaansen

Senior Transport Advisor, Auckland Council

Tim Adriaansen is a passionate advocate for a flourishing transition — finding opportunities to tackle climate change in a way which improves the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our environment. Currently working as a senior transport advisor for Auckland Council, Tim recognises immense potential for Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland to constructively approach the inter-related challenges of housing, transport and climate change.

Dean Kimpton

Chief Executive, Auckland Transport

Dean is the Auckland Transport Chief Executive, appointed in April 2023. Prior to this he has held a range of executive roles including Tuhura Partners – an advisory business to infrastructure owners and government, Chief Operating Officer for Auckland Council, and prior to that Managing Director for AECOM NZ.

Alongside these executive roles he has held a number of governance positions including independent board member for the NZ Upgrade Programme, independent chair of the Eastern Busway Alliance, independent chair of the western Bay of Plenty Transport System Programme, independent chair for Auckland Council’s response to the America’s Cup 36th defence, President of Engineering NZ, former board member of Infrastructure NZ and the trustee for the Parenting Place charity.

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