Happy City

Happy City

For years, self-help experts have told us that we need to do inner work in order to improve our lives. But what if our cities themselves had the power to make or break our happiness? Drawing on brain science, psychology, and rich personal stories, Charles Montgomery explains how cities influence how we feel, behave, and treat other people in ways most of us never realize. Everything from our transportation systems to the depth of our front yards has an unseen effect on our minds, emotions, and social lives. Charles Montgomery uses fascinating and often funny social experiments to demonstrate that we are not helpless. We can change our lives by changing our relationship with our cities—and each other. By understanding the effect that design has on our emotions and decisions, we can all share this empowering new vision of city life.                    

Charles Montgomery

Writer and urbanist, Vancouver

Charles Montgomery is an award-winning Canadian writer and urbanist who creates transformative conversations about cities, science and human well-being. His latest book, Happy City, examines the intersection between urban design and the emerging science of happiness.

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