Walk London, New York and Auckland

Walk London, New York and Auckland

Richard and Simon discuss their experience of delivering innovative wayfinding projects, shedding light on how lessons learned can be applied to Auckland. They also apply some of their techniques to give a flavour of what a Walk Auckland project could and should achieve.

Richard Simón

Director of Planning – Applied London

Richard is Partner and Director of Planning at Applied London. Applied is a multi-disciplinary design agency that delivers legible systems, specialising in wayfinding projects for all modes and media. Richard leads the urban and transport planning for wayfinding systems in cities including, London, New York and Vancouver ensuring methodologies for naming, placement, routes and modal integration with stakeholders and local

Ben Acornley

Partner and Creative Director – APPLIED London

As partner at Applied, Ben has overseen the detailed development, design and delivery of the Legible London Yellow Book, and the Visual Design Standards, which set the benchmark for a city wayfinding design manual. He has led the design development of wayfinding projects such as Heathrow, Vancouver and Toronto.

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