Smart City - The Vision for Auckland

Smart City - The Vision for Auckland

Auckland has a vision to be the world's most liveable city. A smart city with smart citizens and smart infrastructure will ensure that the vision becomes a reality. This webinar series will bring you international and local speakers who are experts in their fields to trigger the thinking that will lead to the development and construction of a smart Auckland. A smart city enables, empowers and advises people. It monitors the environment for improvement and ensures choices available are visible and accessible. Jim presents on how a vision for Auckland as a smart city is anchored in connecting our people - citizens, visitors and stakeholders to enable the best possible outcomes.

Jim Quinn

Chief of Strategy, Auckland Council

Jim is an experienced CEO and executive manager in the logistics and IT industry. He is currently Chief of Strategy for Auckland Council.

He was the inaugural CEO of KiwiRail who lead the reintegration of New Zealand’s rail assets and business and created the plan to turn the business around. Prior to that he negotiated and led the Express Couriers joint venture between New Zealand Post and DHL.

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