From Roads for Vehicles to Streets for People

From Roads for Vehicles to Streets for People

Jeffrey Tumlin draws on his extensive experience in cities in North America and around the world with examples where communities have worked together to get the balance between movement and place right, delivering complete streets as parts of complete communities and drawing lessons for New Zealand along the way. 

Jeff Tumlin

Principal and Director of Strategy – Nelson Nygaard, San Francisco

Jeffrey Tumlin is an expert in helping communities move from discord to agreement about the future. For more than twenty years, Jeff has led award-winning plans in cities from Seattle and Vancouver to Moscow and Abu Dhabi. He helps balance all modes of transportation in complex places to achieve a community’s wider goals and best utilize their limited resources. He has developed transformative plans throughout the world that accommodate millions of square feet of growth with no net increase in motor vehicle traffic.

Gabe Klein

Senior Venture Partner – Fontinalis, Chicago

Gabe started working in his father’s bicycle shop at the age of five and has had a lifelong love affair with transportation as a result. His extensive experience in smart transport includes four years as Vice President of Zipcar, where he helped pioneer the carsharing concept in the United States, and writing a business model for the first point to point carsharing concept for Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. He co-founded On The Fly, the first electric, multi-unit food truck company in the United States, and was Director of Washington DC’s Department of Transportation, where he launched Capital Bikeshare, the first large-scale bikeshare system in the US. More recently he launched the largest bikeshare system in the US, Divvy, in Chicago, where he also oversaw the building of 100 miles of bike lanes. Today he is a social entrepreneur assisting technology and mobility companies that share his values, and is a Special Venture Partner at Fontinalis Partners, Detroit.

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