Manhattan to Manukau - Lessons from New York City

Manhattan to Manukau - Lessons from New York City

Edith Hsu Chen

The reinvention and rejuvenation of New York City (NYC) over the last decade has attracted global attention, including being awarded the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize in 2012.  NYC embraced its complexity, density, and diversity, to witness a marked increase in the quality of life in a short span of time. New York and Auckland continue to address similar challenges, including accommodating for unprecedented levels of growth and the need to renew aging physical infrastructure.

Edith Hsu-Chen

Director for the Borough of Manhattan, New York City Department of Planning

Since 2008, Edith Hsu-Chen has led the office responsible for planning, zoning, urban design, public spaces and land use related activities across the New York Borough of Manhattan. She is a key advisor to the NYC Planning Commissioner and provides guidance to the Deputy Mayor for housing and economic development. 

Edith specialises in incentivising the private sector to deliver public amenities such as public space and transit improvements. Edith has lectured at the Harvard School of Design where she also graduated with a Masters in Urban Planning, and is a frequent panellist at urban development and design conferences.

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