The Future of Housing in Auckland

The Future of Housing in Auckland

Are we moving on from the Quarter Acre Dream?

Is the hope for a quarter acre paradise lost for all but a few Aucklanders?

Can we adjust to the new reality of terrace homes, apartments, and town houses?   

Is this what growth means for the city?

With Auckland growing at a rate of 896 people a week how can everyone be guaranteed a home, either to buy or rent?

Auckland clearly needs new housing options so the economic benefits of growth can be shared by all as we establish our place among the world’s most successful cities.

Watch this Auckland Conversations’ to hear a panel discussion with views on Auckland’s rapid growth, its effect on the city’s future liveability and what we can do to manage our housing issues.

Helen O’Sullivan

CEO, Ockham Residential

After four and a half transformative years as CEO of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, Helen is now CEO of one of Auckland’s most innovative property development companies.

Helen is also a chartered accountant and has extensive experience within the property and finance sectors.  Helen brings an important perspective from the housing sector to our discussion on the opportunities and challenges in transitioning our economy.

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Carlos Chambers

Governance Team – Generation Zero

Carlos Chambers is a member of and spokesperson for Generation Zero. Generation Zero is an organisation of young New Zealanders working to cut carbon pollution through smarter transport, liveable cities and independence from fossil fuels. He is active on Twitter via @nzcach.

Arthur Grimes

Senior Fellow, Motu Research

Arthur is a Senior Fellow at Motu Research, an Adjunct Professor of Economics at Victoria University, Board Member of the Financial Markets Authority, and chairs the Hugo Group. He was Reserve Bank of New Zealand Chair from 2003–2013.
Prior to his time at Motu, Arthur was Director of the Institute of Policy Studies Victoria University, Chief Executive of Southpac, and Chief Economist at both the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and the National Bank of New Zealand.

Bernard Hickey

Publisher Hive News

Bernard is the publisher of Hive News, a political and economic subscription news email service. He also writes for and appears regularly on Radio New Zealand, Radio Live, TVNZ and TV3.
He has been a financial journalist for 25 years, having worked for Reuters, the Financial Times Group and Fairfax Media. His columns are published in the Herald on Sunday and the National Business Review.

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