Fixing Auckland's Transport

Fixing Auckland's Transport

Auckland is the country’s fastest growing region with transport considered the single biggest issue. Major investment is needed in the next decade to avoid worsening congestion and the impact this will have on our economy, environment and way of life. The choice between a basic transport network or investing more to get the advanced transport programme set out in the 30-year vision, the Auckland Plan, will determine whether we choose to fix Auckland’s transport issues and get our city moving.

Len Brown

Mayor of Auckland Council

Len Brown is the Mayor of Auckland in New Zealand and the head of the Auckland Council. He won the 2010 Auckland mayoral election on 9 October 2010 and was sworn in as Mayor of Auckland on 1 November 2010, being the first to hold that title for the amalgamated Auckland 'Super

Pippa Coom

Deputy Chair – Waitemata Local Board

Pippa is Deputy Chair for Waitemata Local Board. Shale holds the Community and Transport portfolios. She is active on Twitter as @PippaCoom

David Warburton

CEO – Auckland Transport

Dr David Warburton has extensive senior management experience leading large organisations in New Zealand and Australia. Most recently this includes chief executive of CPG (part of Downer EDI), and chief executive of Wanganui District Council. Dr Warburton was appointed chief executive of Auckland Transport at its formation in 2010.He holds a doctorate in environmental engineering from Massey University where he has also held senior lecturer positions and was an Associate Professor and Research Fellow at the University of Illinois (United States).

Peter Winder

Independent Advisory Board

Asa member of the Independent Advisory Body, Peter Winder was tasked with looking into how to raise funding for transport in Auckland. The final report of the group recommended three possible ways forward for Auckland.

Patrick Reynolds

TransportBlog, Auckland

Patrick Reynolds is an Auckland photographer and writer, specialising in architecture, transport and urban design, and a member of Auckland Transport Blog.

Sudhvir Singh

Director – Generation Zero, Auckland

Dr Sudhvir Singh is the Auckland director for Generation Zero, a group of mostly young professionals promoting solutions to climate change through transport, energy and liveable cities. He is active on Twitter as @Sudhvir

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