Clean Disruption

Clean Disruption

Tony Seba focuses on the key technology trends that are reshaping the public and private sector. His new book “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation” projects that by 2030: All new mass-market vehicles will be electric. Exponentially improving technologies are turning the whole urban transportation infrastructure obsolete. He explores how cities can prepare to change the transportation landscape in a clean sustainable and budget-conscious way.

Tony Seba

Entrepreneurship Lecturer and Author – Stanford University

Tony Seba is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Disruption and Clean Energy at Stanford University, a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author of “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation”, “Solar Trillions” and “Winners Take All”. His work focuses on clean energy, entrepreneurship, market disruption, and the exponential technology trends and business model innovations that are leading to the disruption of the world’s major industries, such as energy, transportation, infrastructure, finance, and manufacturing.

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