Auckland's Natural Advantage

Auckland's Natural Advantage

Two of PwC’s global experts present their views on the fundamental changes affecting cities worldwide. How can Auckland continue to be successful in the face of climate change, technological advances and increasing societal demands?

Robert Constanza

Ecological economist and Professor of Public Policy, Canberra

Dr Robert Costanza is currently Professor and Chair in Public Policy at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University. His specialties include: transdisciplinary integration, systems ecology, ecological economics, landscape ecology, ecological modeling, ecological design, energy analysis, environmental policy, social traps, incentive structures and institutions.

Marjan van den Belt

Ecological Economist, New Zealand

Marjan is Director/Associate Professor at Ecological Economics Research New Zealand Massey University. She is also an Ecological Economist and Science Leader, on MBIE funded, Sustainable Pathways 2.

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