Close to Home: Innovative housing solutions for Aucklanders

Close to Home: Innovative housing solutions for Aucklanders

1 December 2015

Finding a warm, safe and affordable place to call home is getting harder for many Aucklanders. Our families, older residents, new residents and young people need new housing options that can provide the same stability, healthy environment and financial well-being as home ownership.

A panel of forward-thinking industry experts lead a discussion on some of the new developments in housing and possibilities for home ownership both now and in the future.

Helen O’Sullivan

CEO, Ockham Residential

After four and a half transformative years as CEO of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, Helen now heads up one of Auckland’s most innovative property development companies.

Helen is also a chartered accountant and has extensive experience within the property and finance sectors. With her ability to work in complex and challenging environments, we look forward to Helen sharing her insights from within the industry on growth and housing in Auckland.

Geoff Butcher

Cooperative Sections

An economic consultant, Geoff is the driving force behind a unique community-led initiative to lower the cost of sections in Christchurch. Through the creation of a property development cooperative, as in the case of the flagship project Hikuwai, up to $50,000 savings per section are being achieved through community purchase and development. 

Peter Freeman

CEO, Special Projects at Mike Greer Homes Ltd

Primarily responsible for affordable and social Housing, Peter was instrumental in introducing the concept of panelised homes to Mike Greer resulting in the subsequent development of a purpose-built prefabrication factory in Canterbury. Now Mike Greer Homes is establishing another  prefabricationfactory in Auckland with the ability to deliver 1400 new Homestar and Lifemark rated homes a year. Mike Greer Homes sees panelisation as part of the solution to Auckland housing problems.

Rangimarie Hunia

Director, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei Whai Rawa

Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei Whai Rawa is the commercial entity for the Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei  hapu.  Rangimarie will be sharing their exciting initiatives to create affordable home ownership for whānau through urban papakāinga. With families getting ready to move in, this is an exciting time to hear about the vision, the kaupapa and the future.

Hannah Ockelford

External Affairs Manager, AECOM

Hannah’s interest in people led her into journalism, and it’s that same curiosity that saw her career take a different tack a decade later. You will have heard Hannah on the radio and seen her on the telly but these days, you’re more likely to find her behind closed doors cultivating key client relationships for global professional services firm, AECOM. Hannah is keenly interested in how infrastructure and urban development relates to the human experience, because after all, how we use something is what determines its usefulness. 

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