Transforming Auckland’s City Centre

Transforming Auckland’s City Centre

Find out how the Auckland Council Group is working together via the City Centre Integration team to build a well-connected, world-class city centre that attracts Aucklanders, tourists, students and businesses, while encouraging investment, development and job creation. This session focuses on the downtown precinct and its connection to the waterfront – an area essential to Auckland’s economic vitality and its vision to become an internationally competitive city. 

Shale Chambers

Chair – Waitemata Local Board, Auckland

Shale Chambers is chair of the Waitemata Local Board. Shale holds the Board portfolio leads for Parks & Open Spaces, ad Arts, Culture & Events and is member of CBD Advisory Board, and Chair the Central Facility Partnerships Committee of the isthmus Boards.

Ludo Campbell-Reid

Design Champion – Auckland Council

Ludo Campbell-Reid is Auckland Council's Design Champion and GM of Auckland Design Office. As Design Champion Ludo ensures design excellence in council’s plans and projects; working with the private sector to achieve exemplary urban design outcomes.

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